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Surfacing for Dog Parks

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One of the most important aspects of building or revitalizing a dog park is the surfacing. There are environmental factors to consider, maintenance, and often most importantly, the cost. Each option has its benefits and considerations, so we’ve created a handy comparison guide between our two most popular solutions below.

Engineered “Woof” Fiber

Engineered Woof Fiber for Dog Parks

Key Benefits

  • Low initial cost - $3-5 per sq foot
  • All natural and chemical free 
  • Installs over existing surfacing (grass, asphalt, etc) and follows the natural ground contours
  • ADA Accessible
  • Easily installed by volunteers or parks maintenance staff
  • Fibers settle to create a flat, cushioned and splinter free surface

Key Considerations

  • Requires top offs every 1-3 years depending on use 
  • Can wear away in heavy use areas such as entrances and fence lines
  • Can be costly if not ordered in bulk quantities of 30+ Cubic Yards
  • Can be contaminated by dirt or mud

Synthetic Turf for Dog Parks

Turf Pods Dog Park Artificial Turf

Key Benefits

  • Long lifecycle to amortize your costs
  • Has a neat and clean appearance, plus antimicrobial backing to help prevent smells
  • Extremely durable – even in high use areas and it’s also “dig proof”
  • ADA Accessible
  • Most contaminants can be hosed off or blown away and it drains quickly
  • Looks like real grass without the maintenance

Key Considerations

  • Professional installation is recommended
  • Requires substantial base preparation
  • One of the more expensive solutions – installed pricing can average between $9-12 per sq foot
  • Repairs may require a professional

Synthetic Turf Pods for Dog Parks

Key Benefits

  • Designed for hard surface applications such as concrete, asphalt or compacted gravel         
  • Does not require professional installation
  • Easily repurpose/convert a tennis court or install for a rooftop dog park
  • ADA Accessible with proper borders
  • Pods come in 3'x4' sections and are portable 
  • Low maintenance; irrigation is highly recommended  

Key Considerations

  • Pods are modular and can be lifted to clean and sanitize underneath
  • Pods average $15.00 per sq ft 
  • No seams or anchoring required like traditional turf

Other Dog Park Surfacing Options

There are other surfacing options such as decomposed granite, grass stabilizers, rubber mulch, wood chips and pea gravel. Like any product, these also have their pros and cons so be sure to do your research before deciding on what’s right for your dog park.

Have a question? Feel free to contact one of our dog park experts at: sales@dogonitparks.com or toll-free at 877-348-3647!

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