Dog Park Design

  • “Tips for Building Successful Dog Parks in Your Community” (PDF Brochure):
    Addresses the 20 most common issues when considering building a dog park, to help ensure that your off-leash park avoids some of the possible design mistakes. From the largest considerations to details you may not have thought of — including benefits to the community, location, space, legalities, and accessibility issues; to choosing the best dog agility equipment and dog park supplies; to water fountains, sanitation, surfacing, shade, signage, and more — it’s all encapsulated here.  
  • Surfacing Considerations: Turf or Woof Fiber? Decisions, decisions - hopefully our handy comparison can help point you in the right direction. 

Links & Resources

  • How to Choose Dog Park Agility Equipment (PDF): What to look for (think safe, customizable and rust-proof!) and what to avoid. 
  • Establishing a Dog Park in Your Community: The American Kennel Club answers the question, “What is a dog park and how does it benefit the community?” You can download it from the AKC website as a 20-page booklet with photos.
  • Getting the Most From Your Dog Park:  Comprehensive article in Recreation Management covers the "How To's" and much more. 
  • Pets Welcome and Go Pet Friendly: Planning to travel with your dog? These websites provide travel tips, and list pet-friendly hotels across the USA and Canada.
  • Dogwise PublishingMany books and videos about agility are available, and Dogwise has the best selection.
  • ICAT (International Cat Agility Tournaments) We like cats, too, and yes, there are cat agility contests. However, we strongly recommend that you do not bring your cat to the dog park — for obvious reasons!
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Click here to access Dog-ON-It-Parks’ design files including cad drawings, specifications, videos and related documents. The CADdetails program is developed specifically for design professionals with the goal of getting manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans.
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