Flexible Weave Poles

Flexible Weave Poles
Flexible Weave Poles
Flexible Weave Poles

Flexible Weave Poles



Flexible Weave Poles Specifications

Product Info & How-To Tips: 

  • Item #: 6516
  • Lead Time: 4 weeks 
  • Set of 6 
  • Color: Black
  • One of the more challenging dog park agility activities! They require patience, timing and flexibility to develop the skills needed to negotiate all six poles consecutively - treats and positive reinforcement can be a big help during training!
  • Weave Poles need to be flexible enough to be safe for your dog (avoid poles made from PVC or steel), but also tough enough to withstand use in a public park setting. 
  • Unlike heavy steel, or stationary recycled plastic or PVC poles, our unique truly flexible material can be bent over to lay flat on the ground, yet returns to an upright position without dangerous spring back that could injure dogs or their owners. Even better? The material is also chew resistant! 

Material Specifications: 

  • Weave Poles are constructed of 30″ length molded urethane tube. 
  • Six individual posts; unlike other weave poles that are sold on a track-style system, these provide the flexibility to control spacing for any installation.  
  • Tube attaches to a custom lathe-turned post to ensure there are no sharp points.  
  • Optional surface mount plates for installation on concrete, roof tops, etc. 

Flat Rate Shipping: $85.00 (Contiguous US only & additional charge for surface mount plates)

Made in the USA
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