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The 12 Pets of Christmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

Get in the Holiday Spirit With Our 12 Pets of Christmas List

These elves are on the naughty list this year…
naughty dog and cat eating Christmas cookies and milk

And Santa Paws himself is making a special guest appearance!
dog wearing Santa hat and white beard

Proof that no dog can resists cookies (or any food group) left out for Santa.
pug sniffing Christmas cookies that have been left out for Santa

And who else can Santa Paws rely on other then his trusty reindog?
dog wearing antlers and a red nose for Christmas

At least one of these guys looks like he’s having fun…
dogs tangled in Christmas lights and wearing reindeer antlers

…and every ugly sweater party has to have THAT guy who went a little too crazy with the eggnog.
dog sleeping with its tongue hanging out

Don’t forget the Santa Paws imposters at the mall. They don’t fool anyone.
alligator wearing a Santa Claus costume

Christmas just isn’t the same without a cat to brighten the holidays.
meme of a grumpy cat without Christmas spirit

This pup who is tired of taking holiday pictures and has reverted to the “forced smile”.
meme of Chihuahua dressed in Christmas apparel

This cat plotting to get his puppy sibling in trouble every chance he can get…
meme of a cat singing Christmas carols

And the ongoing battle between good and evil.
meme of two dogs that feel differently about Christmas

And last but definitely not least, our favorite –The Fainting Tree. Timber!
meme about a dog knocking over a Christmas tree

Happy Holidays from the Dog-ON-It-Parks team!

A Holiday Feast for the Hounds

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

yellow Labrador dreaming about thanksgiving dinner turkey

As the holiday season starts to wind down (can you believe Christmas is next week??), we wanted to send out a friendly reminder to make sure and include your furry family members in the celebration!  From pet stockings filled with toys, to a new leash, a fuzzy sweater and much more, there are a million ways to spoil your pooch.  BUT, if your dogs are like ours, the way to their heart is through their stomach!

Here are some healthy (and tasty!) treat ideas:

*Squash and Sweet Potato Mash:

This is not only yummy (for both humans and dogs) but is easy for your pooch to digest and is full of beta carotene. Either roast or microwave the potatoes and squash (we love Kabocha & Acorn), then mix together in a large bowl.  Be sure to set aside a portion for Fido before you add all of the extra goodies like butter, cream and seasoning.

*Poultry/Ham/Lamb Treats:

Once you’ve roasted your main course to perfection, carve a few small pieces (minus the seasonings, fat and/or skin) for your dog’s enjoyment. Just remember to feed snacks like this in moderation!


It isn’t a proper holiday meal unless all food groups are represented. Some of our office dog’s favorite treats include fresh, crunchy carrots.  They also enjoy green beans, peas and asparagus all of which are packed with healthy vitamins and antioxidants.

*Peanut Butter & Yogurt Pupsicles: If you’re having dessert, don’t leave out the dog! Just mix one 32 oz container of low-fat vanilla yogurt with a cup of melted peanut butter.  Pour into small, lined muffin tins or these cute paw shaped molds and freeze.

And finally, no matter how hard your pooch begs, there are a few things to avoid: 

*Onions & Garlic: Bad breath aside, both of these can lead to anemia in dogs if given in large quantities or over an extended period of time.

*Cooked bones: Although most dogs love a meaty raw bone, once they’ve been cooked the bones become brittle and can shatter causing painful splinters or something even more serious such as an obstruction.   Please note: Supervision is a good thing here!

*Yeast/Bread Dough:  ‘Tis the season for baking…and dogs whose sense of smell gets them into trouble.  If you are going to be baking with yeast, be sure to keep the dough well out of reach so it can rise safely on the counter (or up on top of the fridge for hungry giant breeds), and not in their bellies.

*Gravy, and other items with a high fat content:  High fat intake can lead to pancreatitis, a painful and sometimes fatal inflammation of the pancreas.  If you’d like to treat your dog to some gravy, a good principle is to keep the quantity small. A tablespoon or so watered down before adding it to their kibble can be a tasty and much healthier option, as can some low sodium stock or broth.  Less is more…and their noses are so good, they won’t know the difference!

From all of us at Dog-ON-It, have a wonderful holiday and be sure to support your local dog parks!

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